Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Christmas... A Time For Sharing

Share goodwill and the true meaning of Christmas with people around the world! Cagora is sharing founder positions and founder points with 50 people who share their Christmas content with us... Music Videos, Photos, Articles, Your Favorite Christmas Recipes and more... Get More Info Here:

Thursday, November 29, 2007

You're invited to be Your Community's LocalWorld Partner

Local Worlds are being called the next generation search engine and are a Cutting Edge, Family Friendly way to use the Internet.

The Net is going local and people around the world will at last be able to find the products and services they need and meet the people who share their interests globally AND locally.

As the Local Community Partner you'll be the one person who is positioned to capitalize on the phenomenon of 'search communities' combining the power of technology and people helping people.

Local World Community Partner

Friday, November 2, 2007

How Would You Like To Help Put Your Local Community On The Global Map

Are you or would you like to be involved in your local community?

Would you like to help build your community and put it on the map?
Do you want to help promote and support local Community Groups?

Would you like to earn an income while doing it?

LocalWorlds are being called the next generation search engine and will be a Cutting Edge, family friendly way to use the Net.

LocalWorlds bring the power of the Internet to a local level and put your local community on the global map.

Being the Community Partner for where you live will put you in a position to earn a substantial income from a wide range of sources.

If you are keen to help build your community, support local community groups and earn an income in the process, we can show you how to:


How to help build your local Community.

How to help build the Cagora Community.


How to promote and support local community groups.

How to benefit from EVERYBODY ELSE who gets involved in your community.


How to earn up to 60% from activity in your community.

We want you to help us build the Cagora Community & in the process help your local Community by considering becoming a "community partner" - click below to find out how!